Plastic Extrusions

Through co-extrusion technology from Calpex Plastics, manufacturers have access to a wide range of materials that provide options for strength and flexibility when designing parts. We provide co-extruded products and services to various industries, including automotive and aerospace, which benefit from co-extruded plastic extrusions for weatherproofing, fuel tanks, electrical components, and many other areas requiring customized engineering solutions.

Co-extrusion process

Co-extrusion is a highly specialized form of plastic extrusion used to make products with multiple layers. By co-extruding two or more different materials simultaneously, high-quality, complex products can be produced with enhanced properties such as color, texture, and insulation. This is often done with compatible materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, but it can also be done with incompatible materials such as metals and plastics.

Producing a co-extruded product requires a precise combination of advanced engineering and production know-how. Calpex Plastics has extensive experience working with OEMs and small businesses to deliver high-quality plastic tubing extrusion parts and components.

Custom Co-extrusion

Co-extrusion is an excellent method for producing highly tailored goods that can tolerate high temperatures and pressure. It also makes tooling and part design changes easier, leading to greater productivity and cost reductions.

Calpex Plastics has experience dealing with various materials and provides tailored co-extrusion solutions to fit our customers’ demands. We have a team of skilled engineers who can design and construct the best co-extrusion solution for your needs. Our co-extruded products are built to last and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your project.

We tailor items in terms of size, shape, material, and other criteria to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We take pleasure in offering dependable solutions at reasonable prices and with short lead times.

The advantages of co-extrusion

Co-extrusion has several advantages over traditional single-material extrusion. By combining multiple materials, manufacturers can achieve desired properties such as:

  • Strength: It enables the blending of different materials in one component. Many products can be created with greater strength and durability by combining various materials. Aluminum and plastic, for instance, can be combined using co-extrusion to create a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aircraft component.
  • Flexibility: Co-extrusion technology enables manufacturers to create components and parts specifically tailored to a customer’s needs by combining various materials with various features and characteristics in one part.
  • Insulation:  Using co-extrusion, manufacturers can create products with layers of different materials that can provide additional insulation. For example, a product may have an outer layer of plastic and an inner layer of foam for insulation purposes. 
  • Color: Co-extrusion technology enables manufacturers to combine different color materials in a single part. This can provide an aesthetically pleasing product with multiple colors without applying additional finishing processes for painting or coating. 
  • Texture: By combining different materials, manufacturers can create components with various textures. For example, combining a rubber material with a plastic material can result in a product with a soft and comfortable texture. 

Co-extruded parts are more resistant to abrasion and wear than traditional extrusion processes because the layers hold together better when exposed to mechanical stress. This can result in improved performance and longer service life for co-extruded parts.


We make the highest-quality co-extrusion products

Calpex Plastics is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality plastic extrusion parts and components. We design and manufacture a wide range of plastic extrusion profiles using the latest technology and materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Our highly experienced team of engineers is available to help you design the best solution for your application, no matter how complex or demanding. Contact us today to learn more about our custom co-extrusion solutions.